Related Objects

Small Mezcala Face Pendant

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Face pendant with large pointed nose and indented features representing eyes and mouth.

Small Seated Mezcala-Chontal Figure

600-400 BCE Unknown Artist
Stone in a rounded abstract form meant to depict a seated figure.

Valdivia Stela, Abstract Standing Figure with Stylized Anthropomorphic Owl Motifs

2300-2000 BCE (Early Piguigua-Late Piquigua Phase, Early Formative Period) Unknown Artist
Stylized human figure carved into grey-green stone.

Large Teotihuacan Funerary Mask

250-450 CE Unknown Artist
Light brown realistic face mask with hollowed eyes, open mouth, and pierced ears.

Mixtec Pendant Figure

c. 800 CE (Early Post Classic Period) Unknown Artist
A stylized human figure with facial features carved out, body compressed.