Related Objects


1940 Marsden Hartley
A charcoal drawing of a seated half-nude man with his legs crossed and his face obscured.

Mezcala Temple with Sun and Figure

200 BCE–500 CE Unknown Artist
Stone sculpture of a four column temple with a reclining figure on the top, a staircase in the center, and circular indentation at the architrave.

Engraved Half-Celt in Mayan Style

600-900 CE Unknown Artist
Pendant-like sculpture with engraved figures in elaborate feather headdresses and flowing garments.

Valdivia Jaguar Mortar

3200-2800 BCE Unknown Artist
A vessel carved in the abstract shape of a jaguar with an intricate spiral tail.

Olmec Spoon Engraved with Cipactli

1000-800 BCE Unknown Artist
Flat, dark green celt with engraved imagery.

Teotihuacan Mask

250-600 CE Unknown Artist
Mottled green stone face mask with open mouth, hollowed eyes, and pierced ears.