Related Objects

Figure in Rotation

c. 1948 Max Weber
A sculpture of a nude woman with a disproportionately large green-blue eye twisting in space.

Mezcala Figure (M-8 Type)

2800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Abstract stone figure with vertical cuts to represent facial features, arms, legs, and prominent eyebrows.

Early Chontal Standing Figure

1000 BCE-1000 CE Unknown Artist
Abstract standing sculpture with prominant triangular nose.

Untitled (Reclining Nude)

1913 Manierre Dawson
Abstract depiction of a faceless reclined female nude.

Olmec Seated Baby Figure

1000-500 BCE Unknown Artist
Ceramic seated figure of a baby with a white round body, open mouth, and red head covering.

Veracruz Maya Yoke with Depiction of an Anthropomorphic Effigy Figure

550-950 CE (Mid-Late Classic/Early Post-Classic Period) Unknown Artist
Dark green yoke effigy carved with a human face.