Related Objects

Mezcala-Chontal Standing Figure with “Coffee Bean” Mouth and Eyes (M-26)

c. 1200 BCE (Alternative Date: 300-100 BCE, Late Preclassic) Unknown Artist
Small abstract stone scultpture with protruding facial features including eyes, mouth, and a flat geometric nose.

Small Mezcala Face Pendant

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Face pendant with large pointed nose and indented features representing eyes and mouth.

Mixtec Pendant Figure

c. 800 CE (Early Post Classic Period) Unknown Artist
A stylized human figure with facial features carved out, body compressed.

Man and Woman

December 14, 1930 John Storrs
Two three-dimensional forms depicted in pink, black, and white on a pink background.

Aztec (Mexica) Coiled Rattlesnake

600-1400 CE (Late Classic-Post Classic/Late Aztec A Periods) Unknown Artist
Brown stone carving of a rattlesnake with its head and tail emerging from its coiled body.