Related Objects

Aztec (Mexica)/Mixtec Mask of Rain God Tlaloc with Drill Holes at Bottom to Attach Beard

900-1200 CE (Epiclassic-Early Post Classic/Early Aztec Periods) Unknown Artist
Stone head of a rain god with large bulging eyes and long fangs emerging from curled lips.

Mezcala Standing Figure (M-14 Type)

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Stone figure with a broad rounded face, indentations for the nose and mouth, two hollows to form the torso and arms, and hands folded across the body.

Teotihuacan Mask

250-600 CE Unknown Artist
Mottled green stone face mask with open mouth, hollowed eyes, and pierced ears.

Valdivia Jaguar Mortar

3200-2800 BCE Unknown Artist
A vessel carved in the abstract shape of a jaguar with an intricate spiral tail.

Teotihuacan Mask-Pendant of Shaman/Jaguar Transformation

c. 200 CE (Miccaotli Phase) Unknown Artist
Stylistic stone mask with inlaid black eyes and stuck out tongue.

Aztec (Mexica) Mask

c. 900-1500 CE Unknown Artist
A brown mask with hollow eyes, a realistic mouth and nose, and pierced ear spools.