Related Objects

Mezcala-Chontal Standing Figure with “Coffee Bean” Mouth and Eyes (M-26)

c. 1200 BCE (Alternative Date: 300-100 BCE, Late Preclassic) Unknown Artist
Small abstract stone scultpture with protruding facial features including eyes, mouth, and a flat geometric nose.

Olmec Mask (Rio Pesquero Style)

1100-500 BCE (Early Formative-Middle Formative/Pre-Classic Periods) Unknown Artist
Naturalistic face mask with open mouth, large eyes, and ear spools.

Olmec Mask Fragment with Engraved Headband

1000-500 BCE (Late San Lorenzo Horizon/Early La Venta Horizon) Unknown Artist
Fragment of a stone mask with hollow eyes and an intricate headdress.

Veracruz Maya Yoke with Depiction of an Anthropomorphic Effigy Figure

550-950 CE (Mid-Late Classic/Early Post-Classic Period) Unknown Artist
Dark green yoke effigy carved with a human face.

Aztec (Mexica)/Mixtec Mask of Rain God Tlaloc with Drill Holes at Bottom to Attach Beard

900-1200 CE (Epiclassic-Early Post Classic/Early Aztec Periods) Unknown Artist
Stone head of a rain god with large bulging eyes and long fangs emerging from curled lips.

Mayan Mask of Sun God

600-900 CE Unknown Artist
Face mask with large eyes, a prominent nose, open mouth, ear spools, and extended tongue.

Aztec (Mexica) Squash or Gourd

900-1400 CE Unknown Artist
Realistic stone sculpture of a whole squash or gourd.