Related Objects

Postclassic Maya/Early Aztec (Mexica) Mask of Xipe Totec

c. 1300 CE (Post Classic/Early Aztec Periods) Unknown Artist
Decorative stone mask of an Aztec god with open mouth, closed eyes, and large pierced ears.

Mezcala/Sultepec Mask

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Realistic face mask with triangle nose, hollow circle mouth, pierced ears and indented eyes.

Veracruz Maya Yoke with Depiction of an Anthropomorphic Effigy Figure

550-950 CE (Mid-Late Classic/Early Post-Classic Period) Unknown Artist
Dark green yoke effigy carved with a human face.

Chontal Figure (Olmecoid)

300-100 BCE Unknown Artist
Abstract green stone standing figure with a large pointed nose and indented facial features.

Mezcala-Chontal Mask

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
A stone mask with indented facial features and inlaid shell to represent the eyes.