Related Objects

Drugstore Reflection

c. 1932 Stuart Davis
Simplified view of a drugstore window from the inside drawn with simple shapes and lines.


1916 Marsden Hartley
A conglomeration of overlapping rectangles of various sizes and muted tones made to resemble a ship.

Indian Pottery

c. 1912 Marsden Hartley
A still life painting featuring an Acoma pot decorated with a bird and leaf designs, a Santa Clara double-spouted jug, a small figure sculpture and a book on a table in front of a red tapestry.

Indian Dancers

c. 1917-18 Jan Matulka
An abstraction of polygons in various colors surround Native American dancers wearing masks.

White Sea Horse

1942 Marsden Hartley
A white sea horse centered on a red background.

Brown Still Life

1922 Stuart Davis
A cubist still life painted predominately in shades of brown featuring fruit, a vase, a pipe and a book arranged on table.