Related Objects

Mezcala/Sultepec Mask

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Realistic face mask with triangle nose, hollow circle mouth, pierced ears and indented eyes.

Untitled (Reclining Nude)

1913 Manierre Dawson
Abstract depiction of a faceless reclined female nude.

Seated Teotihuacan Goddess of Fertility Wearing a Headdress of Quetzal Feathers

250-450 CE (Early Tlamimlolpa Micaotli-Early Xolapan Periods) Unknown Artist
Seated stone figure with an elaborate headdress, garment, and ear spools.

Mezcala Figure (M-4 Type)

600-400 BCE Unknown Artist
Abstract stone sculpture of a standing figure with indentations indicating facial features and arms at torso.

Casas Grandes (Paquimé) Bowl with Effigy Rabbit Heads

c. 1200 CE (Medio Period) Unknown Artist
Decorative ceramic bowl covered with complex, interlocking geometrical designs with two abstract rabbit heads on either side.

Mezcala-Chontal Standing Figure

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Small abstract stone figure with indented facial features features, a large pointed nose, and arms resting on its mid-section.

Man and Woman

December 14, 1930 John Storrs
Two three-dimensional forms depicted in pink, black, and white on a pink background.