Related Objects

Synchromist Still Life

c. 1910 Morgan Russell
Round yellow and orange fruits on a background of blues and reds painted with thick brushstrokes.

No. 2 Twilight

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape featuring trees and houses seen through the center of a bridge.

Placita Sanctuario

1924 Andrew Dasburg
Painting of adobe buildings including a church set against a plateau on the horizon.

Blue, Grey, Black

1973 Ralston Crawford
Large triangular peaks of black, blue, and grey and a small golden triangle emerging from the right of the canvas.

No. 1 Orion

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape with the constellation Orion in the sky at the center of the drawing.

No. 5 Age

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Two anthropomorphic trees set in a landscape.

No. 10 Tenement

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
A building, one side cast in shadow the other in light, set between trees.