Related Objects

In the Patio IX

1950 Georgia O'Keeffe
Painted grey and black v-shape structure with a blue sky overhead.

Perth Amboy West (Tottenville)

1911, 1916-17 Oscar Bluemner
A cubist seascape featuring the view across a waterway, with trees and buildings on the edges of the composition.

No. 1 Orion

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape with the constellation Orion in the sky at the center of the drawing.

No. 9 Blue Arc

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
A group of buildings on the left, on the right an arc of light over an open landscape with distant trees and sky.

No. 5 Age

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Two anthropomorphic trees set in a landscape.

Red Night, Thoughts

1929 Oscar Bluemner
A narrow path leads into a red structure surrounded by tall, jagged rocks and small green shrubs.

Synchromist Still Life

c. 1910 Morgan Russell
Round yellow and orange fruits on a background of blues and reds painted with thick brushstrokes.

A Synchromy

1913/14 Morgan Russell
Painting of an array of vibrant colors moving in a downward curve as if being directed by arrows.

Summer Landscape #2

1940 Stuart Davis
An abstracted landscape of heavily applied paint in baby blue, coral, yellow, black with white dots and stripes, on a mint green background.