Related Objects

Small Mezcala Face Pendant

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Face pendant with large pointed nose and indented features representing eyes and mouth.

Aztec (Mexica) Squash or Gourd

900-1400 CE Unknown Artist
Realistic stone sculpture of a whole squash or gourd.

Olmec Mask (Rio Pesquero Style)

1100-500 BCE (Early Formative-Middle Formative/Pre-Classic Periods) Unknown Artist
Naturalistic face mask with open mouth, large eyes, and ear spools.

Mayan Carved Plaque (Tikal) Fashioned from Olmec Heirloom

1200-700 BCE (Olmec) /300-600 CE (Maya) Unknown Artist
Light green incised stone, C-shaped on either end, with holes around the edge.

Aztec (Mexica) Frog

900-1500 CE Unknown Artist
Stone sculpture of a perched frog.