Related Objects


2007 Ryo Toyonaga
Illustration of a yellow and black abstract figure with various objects extending from it against a green background with black dots.

A Synchromy

1913/14 Morgan Russell
Painting of an array of vibrant colors moving in a downward curve as if being directed by arrows.


2010 Il Lee
A build-up of thin light-beige curved lines scratched into a black canvas.

No. 2 Twilight

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape featuring trees and houses seen through the center of a bridge.

No. 11 The Village

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Three buildings, one fully visible in the center, and distant trees and hills in the background.

Symbol V

c. 1913-14 Marsden Hartley
A charcoal drawing featuring appropriated Native American symbols and imagery associated.


c. 1916 Morton Livingston Schamberg
A machine abstraction of loose shapes and lines on a peach background that join to create a new form.