Related Objects

Mezcala-Chontal Standing Figure with “Coffee Bean” Mouth and Eyes (M-26)

c. 1200 BCE (Alternative Date: 300-100 BCE, Late Preclassic) Unknown Artist
Small abstract stone scultpture with protruding facial features including eyes, mouth, and a flat geometric nose.

San Ildefonso Polychrome Jar

1860-1920 Crescenio and Anna Martinez
A San Ildefonso jar with three bands of black and brown geometric designs.

Mezcala-Chontal Standing Figure

1800-1200 BCE Unknown Artist
Small abstract stone figure with indented facial features features, a large pointed nose, and arms resting on its mid-section.

Man and Lemon

c. 1922 Stuart Davis
A sketch of a figure stands next to a lemon on a triangular pedestal against a gray background.

Casas Grandes (Paquimé) Bowl

900-1300 CE (?) (Viejo-Tardio Periods) Unknown Artist
Clay pottery bowl with red rim and circular decorative shapes.