Related Objects

Tree and Urn

1921 Stuart Davis
A small urn set next to a large tree in a cubist landscape, areas of brown dots suggest leaves.

Centerport XIV

1942 Arthur Dove
A four-tiered triangle is centered in front of a layered background featuring a blue and white ovular shape.


c. 1936 Arthur Dove
Orange, yellow, and brown crayon drawing of a sun rising over a landscape.

Summer Landscape #2

1940 Stuart Davis
An abstracted landscape of heavily applied paint in baby blue, coral, yellow, black with white dots and stripes, on a mint green background.

Sunrise I (Set of Three)

c. 1941 Arthur Dove
A beige sky with a yellow sun, and a black Z-shape centered between the sun and a black horizontal line at the bottom of the paper.

Large Teotihuacan Mask

250-450 CE Unknown Artist
A naturalistic mask with large eyes, a broad pointed nose, and open mouth.

Engraved Half-Celt in Mayan Style

600-900 CE Unknown Artist
Pendant-like sculpture with engraved figures in elaborate feather headdresses and flowing garments.

A Synchromy

1913/14 Morgan Russell
Painting of an array of vibrant colors moving in a downward curve as if being directed by arrows.

Olmec Face Panel or Pectoral (Breastplate)

c. 1100-500 BCE Unknown Artist
Long, horizontal, blue-green chest ornament with face in relief in center.