Related Objects

Guanacaste or Nicoya Jaguar Tripod Effigy Metate

300-700 CE (Las Minas/Matapalo Phases) Unknown Artist
Stone metate carved to resemble a jaguar.

Costa Rican Parrot Celt

250-950 CE Unknown Artist
Green celt with the handle carved in the shape of a parrot.

Acoma Polychrome Pot

c. early 20th century Unknown Artist
Rust-orange Acoma pot with a black and white geometric design.

Mayan Avian Hacha with Human Face

600-900 CE Unknown Artist
Human figure with ear plugs wearing a giant animal headdress.

Kewa Storage Jar

c. 1875 Unknown Artist
A Kewa storage jar, primarily painted brown, with a rust-orange bottom and black design.

Zia Polychrome Pot

20th century Unknown Artist
A Zia pot with a large bird in the center surrounded by black and brown patterns.


1992 Ryo Toyonaga
Brown triangular sculpture with mulitple small holes, two smalls legs, and a large hole atop, held up on a short brown pedestal.