Monika Bincsik standing on the balcony in The Met's grand lobby.

Announcing the Marica Vilcek Prize

Celebrating art historians with a new honor

Meet the recipients
Luciano Marraffini wearing a science lab coat and holding up a vial.

2024 Vilcek Foundation Prizes

Biomedical Science and Design

Meet the prizewinners


The Vilcek Foundation raises awareness of immigrant contributions in the United States, and fosters appreciation of the arts and sciences.

We are committed to diversity and inclusive exchange. Through our prizes, grantmaking, and art collection, we celebrate immigrant artists and scientists, and leaders who advocate for immigrant rights.


2024 Vilcek Foundation Prizewinners

Eight prizes totaling $500,000 are being awarded to immigrant leaders in biomedical science and design, including Luciano Marraffini and Ramon Tejada.

Meet the prizewinners
Ramon Tejada, wearing a blue shirt, sitting at a table with a computer.

Vilcek Foundation Prizes

Awarded annually, the Vilcek Foundation Prizes honor immigrants for extraordinary contributions in the arts and sciences.

Markita del Carpio Landry, in a lab coat, holds up a vial to inspect it.