Related Objects

No. 7 Budding

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Anthropomorphic plants surround a small bud emerging from the earth.


1942 Marsden Hartley
A bust portrait of Christ with short, rough brush strokes, on a red background.

Portrait of Alfred

c. 1920 Andrew Dasburg
Painted portrait of a young blonde boy staring pensively off into the distance.

The Strong Man

c. 1923 Marsden Hartley
A nude man sits in a nondescript space surrounded by weight-lifting equipment.

No. 2 Twilight

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape featuring trees and houses seen through the center of a bridge.

No. 1 Orion

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape with the constellation Orion in the sky at the center of the drawing.

Gestation #3

1963 Stanton Macdonald-Wright
Painting of abstract geometric divisions of bright pastel colors inlayed with three spirals.

No. 10 Tenement

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
A building, one side cast in shadow the other in light, set between trees.

No. 3 Port Beacon

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape with a shoreline and a lighthouse on the far shore casting a beacon of light.