Related Objects

No. 9 Blue Arc

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
A group of buildings on the left, on the right an arc of light over an open landscape with distant trees and sky.

Lake George – Autumn

1922 Georgia O'Keeffe
A layered landscape with purple mountains, a blue lake, and round trees with gradients of autumn colors.

Complex City

1956 Howard Cook
A cubist city with an earthy palette, clustered together like mountains with perpendicular lines resembling doorways and windows.

Garden Scene

1921 Stuart Davis
View of a garden painted with shades of greens that have been divided into cubist forms and detailed with patterns.

No. 6 Valley

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
A multi-layered landscape with a valley of houses, hills, and clouds.

No. 11 The Village

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Three buildings, one fully visible in the center, and distant trees and hills in the background.

No. 8 Entangled

1935-36 Oscar Bluemner
Landscape dominated by large entangled tree trunks, a small church in the background.

Drugstore Reflection

c. 1932 Stuart Davis
Simplified view of a drugstore window from the inside drawn with simple shapes and lines.